Nollywood trumps Hollywood in Nigerian cinemas for the first time ever


In what is an unprecedented outcome in Nigerian cinema, two Nollywood films made more money overall than Hollywood films in cinemas across the country in 2016.

The huge box office successes of Kemi Adetiba’s The Wedding Party and AY Makun’s A Trip to Jamaica ensured that the highest grossing Hollywood film Batman v Superman finished in third place on the chart of the films that made the most money in Nigerian cinemas last year.

Despite its December release, The Wedding Party made N203 million according to figures obtained by TNS. A Trip to Jamaica finished the year with N178.5 million overall, while the critically unsuccessful Batman vs Superman accumulated N140 million.

However, all the other spots on the top 10 were taken by Hollywood blockbusters bar the final spot which Izu Ojukwu’s ’76 sneaked into having realised N72 million during its run.

See the top 10 films and figures* below:

1. The Wedding Party – N203 million
2. A Trip to Jamaica – N178.5 million
3. Batman v Superman – N140 million
4. Captain America – N119 million
5. Suicide Squad – N116 million
6. London Has Fallen – N90 million
7. Doctor Strange – N85 million
8. Gods of Egypt – N80 million
9. Mechanic Resurrection – N75 million
10. ’76 – N72 million

*figures provided by FilmOne Distribution

This post first appeared on TNS.


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