Too Bad! Popular Reverend Father Reveals What Holy Spirit Told Him to Tell Buhari

The Holy spirit has directed a popular Reverend father based in Anambra state to tell Buhari that it does not condone what is happening in Nigeria.

Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Obimma

Spiritual Director of the Holy Ghost Adoration Ministry, Uke, Anambra State, Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Obimma, popularly known as Ebube Muonso, on Thursday, frowned at the policies of the President Muhammadu Buhari-led administration, saying it has spread poverty across Nigeria, reports DailySun.

He said the holy spirit told him to tell Buhari that the change under the President was not the change the people bargained for.

He said that before President Buhari came on board, there was a clarion call for change; but the type of change he brings is not the kind of change Nigerians have been advocating for.

“It is a known fact that our economy is simply bastardized. Nigerian economy is in shambles. I will like to use this medium to tell Buhari that Nigerians are crying. As priests of God, we are the people receiving feedback from the people. When things are getting so bad, we are the people they run to.”

“For me, Buhari is not measuring-up as president. Before he was voted in as president, the Holy Ghost revealed to me that he would win the election, but that his reign would be a doom to Nigerians. The presidency need to do something fast, because people are dying. Go to hospitals, peoples are lying helplessly. Some Nigerians today cannot afford their house rents. There is hunger everywhere. People are dying. Buhari, people are dying in your hands” he yelled.

Ebube Muonso, however, prayed for a geniune change in 2019. ‘’For me, let there be a change in 2019. We need good leadership; not the type that Buhari could offer. Buhari’s leadership is not the kind of change Nigerians need. For me, there is need for fervent prayers and for change. Buhari’s administration has failed Nigerians. People are dying by the day.”


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