Facebook User Blasts Nigerian Politicians After Trump Meets 20% Of His Campaign Promises In Just 4 Days

A Nigerian in the U.S has blasted Nigerian Politicians after U.S New President meets 20% of his Campaign promises in just 4 days..


He blasted Nigerian Politicians over the 7 Agenda they have been unable to work and also the Failed Vision 2020 that has been on Manneqiun challenge.

Read what he posted below:-

In as much as I am not a fan of the Donald, you have to give the man some credit. He swung into action immediately after his inauguration. He has already fulfilled almost 20% of his campaign promises; Pulling America out of its two biggest trade deals (NAFTA and TPP) , limit abortion funding overseas, freeze non-military federal hiring, A regulatory freeze of Obamacare and working with republicans and democrats alike for a replacement plan, He even met with business leaders today to talk about tax cuts for the middle class as well as re-emphasizing border taxes for companies thinking of exporting American jobs.

Now let us go back to Nigeria, ordinary 7 point agenda has been on mannequin challenge for more than a decade. Vision 2020 nko? it was suspended indefinitely. No committee report, No feed backs, No lessons learnt. Instead it is Business as Usual. Now we are talking about a new narrative (Vision 2030).

Our obsession with the drama and intrigue of politics has relegated discourse on policy and national development to the background.

See what he shared on Facebook below:-


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