I Love S*x, My Man Must be Tall, Have Swagger – Olympic Gold Medalist, Lauritta Onye Opens Up on Love Life

Her ambition dwarfs her stature. She is a little woman with big dreams. In fact, she has achieved so much in sports, breaking world records and setting new ones at international sports events, including the Rio Olympics 2016. And she celebrated her gold medal in Rio in a manner the world will remember for a long time.


In an exclusive interview in Owerri, the capital of Imo State, Miss Lauritta Onye opined that life is like sports – you don’t win all the time. For instance, while she was breaking world records, a lover broke her heart. However, she enjoyed the relationship while it lasted. Take this from the little woman: “I like tall men, men over five feet. My father was a tall man; I want a man like him.”

An indigene of Amaimo, Ikeduru Local Government Area of Imo State, Onye added that the country has not treated her fairly despite her sacrifices and achievements.

How do you feel winning gold medal at Rio 2016?

I was happy and I am still happy to win gold for Nigeria at the Paralympics in Rio. I am very excited because I know where the feat is taking me to. I know that by winning the gold medal, it will take me higher.

Apart from the gold medal you won in Rio, which other competitions have you participated in and what did you achieve?

I have gone to All Africa Games in Maputo, Mozambique where I won silver medal in 2011. I was at African championship in Tunis, Tunisia in March 2015 and I won one gold medal and one silver medal. In October of the same year, I won gold at the World championship in Qatar. I got to the peak by winning a new gold at the Olympics and setting record.

I started setting world records in Tunisia. I broke the record at Qatar and set another one. In Rio, I broke the record again. I should be called a world record holder and world record breaker. I participate in shot put and discus. There are other events we do as well. I broke and set the record in shot put.

How did you enter into sports?

What brought me from my village to Lagos was that I wanted to act in films. That was in 2007. Fortunately, a man came to me and told me that people like us do compete internationally in sports. So, I started coming for training. I only trained for two weeks in Lagos before they called us for trial at Ibadan. I made the team. From there, I went for my first outing in Algiers in 2007 but we were not up to five countries that attended the completion. So, we didn’t compete.


What motivates you?

The Olympics was a great motivator. When you participate in the Olympics, you have reached the peak in sports. When you go to the Olympics, you become an Olympian. It was my ambition to be an Olympian and I have been able to actualize that. I’m motivated by challenges.

How much have you benefitted from sports?

Since I have been going to competitions, I have not being rewarded. I have been representing Nigeria everywhere and what they do pay are just allowances. In February 2016, President Buhari rewarded my colleagues that went for the World Championship in Qatar in 2015 but till now I have not received anything. People were rewarded according to the medal won and competition participated. I was at Qatar where champions rubbed shoulders; it is next to the Olympics. No member of the team from Nigeria won a medal except me. We are not in the same team with the power lifters; theirs is an indoor stuff. Mine is a field competition. I was invited to the presidential reception, my name, picture and achievement were in the brochure and I shook hands with President Buhari. Unfortunately, I was not rewarded like others. According to sports officials, they didn’t submit my name early. They said that by the time it got there, Buhari had already signed other people’s reward; that was why my own was not mentioned there. The power lifters were given N600,000 for gold, N400,000 for silver and N300, 000 for bronze. But nothing has been given to me. I am still hopeful though.

What did you get since you came back from Rio?

I have not seen anything except the allowance they paid me like other athletes. Some of the people that went to Rio have been rewarded by their state governors. For instance, Imo State indigenes that went to Rio and won medals were rewarded by Governor Rochas Okorocha. They got a car and N1 million each excluding me.

Why were you excluded from the largesse?

I had not concluded my event when they were leaving Rio. They left with the first batch while I came with the second batch. When they were going, I told the coach, to include my name among Imolites that won gold. The man agreed but he later changed. By the time I came back to Nigeria, somebody from Imo State called me and asked why I was not among the people that Okorocha rewarded. I told the person that I had just returned. So, my name was not on the list of people rewarded by Okorocha.

What effort have you made to bring the attention of the state government to the omission? 

I called the Imo commissioner for sports and he told me that I was not part of the people rewarded because I am based in Lagos. He really tried to discourage me from following up the matter. I started calling some people to help me out. At a point, I decided to come over to Imo State to try to see if I could see the governor and the people in the ministry. You know, according to a local parlance, seeing is believing. So, I came to Owerri and met the deputy governor, Prince Eze Madumere, who advised me to present my medal to the governor. And I did. The governor asked me what happened and I briefed him. The governor promised to look into it but till now, nothing has happened.

At what stage did you realize that you were different?   

It was when I was about eight years old that I realized that I was not growing and even my younger ones were taller than me. I took it that I was special; I was specially made. To be frank, I was not feeling bad. I was myself, feeling good all the time. If you ask my mother, she will tell that I was a happy child. I was playful and laughing all the time. I am jovial and sociable. I mingle with everybody. I can even be friends with a mad person. I am not angry because I am short; I didn’t cause it. In fact, I do not have any regret. I do give God the glory for creating me in a way that gives me advantage to be an achiever. I look around, I see people who think that they are beautiful or handsome, yet things are difficult for them. So, I don’t feel hurt.

Is there anybody like you in your family?

There is nobody like me in my family. They have traced my paternal and maternal family roots but none like me. It is a mystery to everybody. But my face looks like that of my father. My father has died but my mother is still alive. She is in the village.

How many are you in your family?

We are five children – two girls and three boys. I am the second daughter. My elder sister is married and blessed with three kids – two boys and a girl.

Which school did you attend and how were you relating with your fellow students?

I attended Amaimo Community Girls Secondary School, Ikeduru. While in school, I had a cordial relationship with my fellow students. We used to play and chat.

What is your next ambition? What do you want to do after sports?

I want to grow bigger than I am now, not in terms of size. I want to grow spiritually, mentally, academically and in every sphere of life.

Are you not thinking of getting married and settling down?

God’s time is the best. I know that God created me in his own glory and there is a reason He created me this way. I remember when I finished secondary school, men used to come around me and out of ignorance I told them I was not interested in marriage. I used to tell them that I wanted to be a reverend sister so they should leave me alone. My thought was to be rich and possess all the essential things of life, without boyfriend or husband. Fortunately, I do get revelation and when I have it, I will tell my brother’s wife about it. And she will begin to interpret it. God did not create me not to be fruitful; I’ll bear fruit. Men will be chasing me and disturbing me physically and spiritually and I will be running.

So, when I came to Lagos, I decided to have one boyfriend. Fortunately or unfortunately, he broke my heart. Maybe it was not the will of God. He broke my heart by looking for another girl. He did it twice. He did it the first time and I forgave him. When he did it the second time, I started praying and asking God if he was the one because before I started with him I didn’t pray. I didn’t want a situation whereby I will get married and start talking or thinking about divorce in the future because the Bible frowns at divorce. So, I started praying and getting revelation. Instead of seeing him, I was seeing other people. I said, no wonder the guy was hurting me. It was an opportunity for me to leave him. No need forcing myself, that was why I gave up.

Is he also a special person like you?      

No. He is a normal person. He should be over five feet.

Were you sleeping with him? Was he the person who deflowered you?

Yes, I was sleeping with him. He was the person who deflowered me.

Do you enjoy making love?


Do you have a boyfriend now?

I will be lying if I tell you that I don’t have a boyfriend now. But since I have known him he has never slept with me. He is far from me. We only talk on phone. He is busy where he is and I’m busy too. He is still schooling, though he has something doing to assist himself. He is in Uyo, Akwa Ibom but he hails from Imo. The guy who broke my heart is also from Imo.

As a human being, do you sometimes feel like being with a man?

It is when your mind is there that you will feel like being with a man. But if your mind is not there and you are feeding yourself with spiritual words and chatting with friends, I don’t think you will feel much about it. If you watch blue films (porno) for instance, you get aroused. I don’t like watching blue films. I am not a stone or tree; it’s just the grace of God. When I feel it, I hold myself tight.

Did the guy who broke your heart make you pregnant?


What kind of man would you like to marry?

I want a God-fearing man, a man that cares, a man that looks cute, a man that dresses well and has swagger. I don’t like men that wear earrings or funny hairstyles. I need a man that is dark in complexion; I don’t need oyibo. I like tall men, men over five feet. My father was a tall man; I want a man like him. I want a real man, not somebody who will be controlled by his mother or friends. The man should be faithful. My kind of man should be romantic.

What are your hobbies?

I like everything about entertainment. I like acting and dancing, among others. After sports, I’ll go into acting as a career. I’ve acted before.

Is there anything you cannot do on your own?

There is nothing I cannot do. I can wash my clothes and I can cook. I dazzle people with my cooking skills. My mother trained me in such a manner that I must know everything that a woman is supposed to know. I used to go to the bush to fetch firewood but my parents don’t like that. I do carry 50 litres of water on wheelbarrow but my mother will shout at me not to do that kind of work.

What would be your advice to special people like you?

My advice is that they have to aim high because the Bible says declare and it shall come to pass. I have decreed that I will be a great person in society, so shall it be. Whatever God has destined for you must surely come to pass. So, I want to advice them to dream big; let them aim higher and work towards achieving it. I always go for the best. So, my little people should know what they want; they should not give up. God has a purpose for creating them the way they are. The Bible says God’s thought for us is for good. I thank God everyday for the way He created me. They should not feel inferior.  I don’t take trash; if you feel that you are beautiful, I’ll tell you that I am more beautiful than you.


Suspected Boko Haram members abduct 7 women in Borno state


Suspected Boko Haram members abducted seven women and killed three other persons in an attack on Ndagu Village of Askira-Uba Local Government Area of Borno State on Monday Jan 23rd.

The sect members stormed the village at about 5am and began shooting sporadically. They burnt homes and took away some cars.

Confirming the attack and abduction, the state Commissioner of Police, Damian Chukwu, said

“From the information we have, the attack took place three days ago and the intelligence gathered was that 7 women were abducted and three persons were also killed. Most of the villagers fled but their houses were completely razed down by fire which the attackers use to set them ablaze”.

Van Vicker celebrates his wife as she turns 40 years old


Actor, Van Vicker took to his Instagram page to celebrate his wife who turned 40 today. He wrote;

“I look forward to Jan 24th every year for the past 22years. It’s a special day in my life, the birthday of my soul mate. Today you turn 40. Today your life ‘begins’ and I am glad to be a part of it, still. There are times we disagree on issues but you just know how to get your way; that’s your negotiating quality.
How you manage, home, kids, work and my baggage is the super mom quality you possess. You have made some mistakes and a load of good decisions; your analytical quality. It seems you just get better every year hahaha and tougher. You have grown from that teenager to this beautiful and amazing woman. At 40 today, I want you to know how much the kids and I count on you, for real. You just MAKE IT HAPPEN IN OUR LIVES. We pray the good Lord keeps you around for an even longer period. @40 comes with its own female challenges…but who cares. Ok let me rephrase that cos I know you care, lol. @40 comes with its own female challenges but we (I)love you all the same. Baby, I don’t mind going through all the boxing drills, the squats, etc. just remember if they all fail I will still be by your side. Loving you is way beyond what I see. Our 3 beautiful kids remind me everyday. We love all of you and look forward to spending more years ahead. You bring joy to us all. You are the BEST lady, wife, mother, friend in the whole wide World. Happy birthday baby and God continue to Bless you.

Mikel crashes again with Tianjin

Former Chelsea defensive midfielder and Super Eagles skipper, John Mikel Obi and his new Chinese Super League club Tianjin TEDA have lost their fourth consecutive games in their warm-up ahead of the CSL new season.


Their poor form continued following their 3-0 loss to Ukrainian side, Dynamo Kiev on Monday.

They were weakened by goals from Denys Garmash, Andriy Yarmolenko and Artem Gromov in the 27th, 54th and 87th minutes respectively.

The CSL club had earlier lost 2-1 against Bundersliga side Borussia Monchegladbach humbled 6-2 to another German side St. Pauli, where the Nigerian captain managed to reduce the score line  and three days later, they were defeated 1-0 by Dinamo Bucuresti.

11-year-old girl gang-raped twice by ‘seven’ underage boys in India


An 11-year-old girl was gang-raped by seven boys, aged between 14 and 16 years, in two separate attacks in her village of Mawten, India. The first attack took place in a field in December 2016 and the second attack took place on January 13 2017 at her home.

The seven boys, who have all confessed to the crime, are believed to live in the same village as the victim. Police confirmed that six of the accused were detained after the girl’s family reported the crimes to the police in a written complaint.

A case has been registered against each of the seven accused who have now confessed and they have all been sent to a juvenile home.

China says will protect South China Sea sovereignty


By Ben Blanchard and David Brunnstrom

BEIJING/WASHINGTON (Reuters) – China said on Tuesday it had “irrefutable” sovereignty over disputed islands in the South China Sea after the White House vowed to defend “international territories” in the strategic waterway.

White House spokesman Sean Spicer in his comments on Monday signaled a sharp departure from years of cautious U.S. handling of China’s assertive pursuit of territorial claims in Asia.

“The U.S. is going to make sure that we protect our interests there,” Spicer said when asked if Trump agreed with comments by his secretary of state nominee, Rex Tillerson. On Jan. 11, Tillerson said China should not be allowed access to islands it has built in the contested South China Sea.

“It’s a question of if those islands are in fact in international waters and not part of China proper, then yeah, we’re going to make sure that we defend international territories from being taken over by one country,” Spicer said.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying told a regular news briefing on Tuesday “the United States is not a party to the South China Sea dispute”.

China claims most of the South China Sea, while Taiwan, Malaysia, Vietnam, the Philippines and Brunei claims parts of the sea that commands strategic sealanes and has rich fishing grounds along with oil and gas deposits.

China’s sovereignty over the Spratly Islands in the South China Sea was “irrefutable” Hua said. But China was also dedicated to protecting freedom of navigation and wants talks with nations directly involved to find a peaceful solution.

“We urge the United States to respect the facts, speak and act cautiously to avoid harming the peace and stability of the South China Sea,” Hua said.

“Our actions in the South China Sea are reasonable and fair. No matter what changes happen in other countries, what they say or what they want to do, China’s resolve to protect its sovereignty and maritime rights in the South China Sea will not change,” she added.


Tillerson’s remarks at his Senate confirmation hearing prompted Chinese state media to say at the time that the United States would need to “wage war” to bar China’s access to the islands, where it has built military-length air strips and installed weapons systems.

Tillerson dangerous was asked at the hearing whether he supported a more aggressive posture toward China and said: “We’re going to have to send China a clear signal that, first, the island-building stops and, second, your access to those islands also is not going to be allowed.”

The former Exxon Mobil Corp chairman and chief executive did not elaborate on what might be done to deny China access to the islands.

But analysts said his comments, like those of Spicer, suggested the possibility of U.S. military action, or even a naval blockade. Such action would risk an armed confrontation with China, an increasingly formidable nuclear-armed military power. It is also the world’s second-largest economy and the target of Trump accusations it is stealing American jobs.

Spicer declined to elaborate when asked how the United States could enforce such a move against China, except to say: “I think, as we develop further, we’ll have more information on it.”

Tillerson narrowly won approval from a Senate committee on Monday and is expected to win confirmation from the full Senate.


Military experts said that while the U.S. Navy has extensive capabilities in Asia to stage blockading operations with ships, submarines and planes, any such move against China’s growing naval fleets would risk a dangerous escalation.

Aides have said that Trump plans a major naval build-up in East Asia to counter China’s rise.

China’s foreign ministry said earlier this month it could not guess what Tillerson meant by his remarks, which came after Trump questioned Washington’s longstanding and highly sensitive “one-China” policy over Taiwan.

Washington-based South China Sea expert Mira Rapp-Hooper at the Center for a New American Security called the threats to bar China’s access in the South China Sea “incredible” and said it had no basis in international law.

“A blockade – which is what would be required to actually bar access – is an act of war,” she added.

“The Trump administration has begun to draw red lines in Asia that they will almost certainly not be able to uphold, but they may nonetheless be very destabilizing to the relationship with China, invite crises, and convince the rest of the world that the United States is an unreliable partner.”

Bonnie Glaser at the Center for Strategic and International Studies think tank called Spicer’s remarks “worrisome” and said the new administration was “sending confusing and conflicting messages.”

Dean Cheng, a China expert at the conservative Heritage Foundation, said Spicer’s remarks showed the South China Sea was an important issue for the Trump administration.

He said it was significant that neither Spicer nor Tillerson had been specific as to what actions would be taken and this left open the possibility that economic measures – instead of military steps – could be used against China and firms that carry out island building.

(Clarifies paragraph 4 attribution)

(Additional reporting by Matt Spetalnick in Washington, and Christian Shepherd in Beijing; Editing by Andrew Hay and Bill Tarrant)